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The ultimate companion for the Azure CLI.
Setup and deploy in seconds.

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What is Hexa?

Hexa is a open source command line tool to easily setup and deploy your applications to Microsoft Azure. It takes full advantage of the Azure CLI, the Azure Function Core Tools CLI and the NPM CLI.

Hexa allows you to seamlessly configure, setup and deploy to different Azure services such as Resource Groups, Storage accounts, Hosting, Azure Functions and Databases (CosmosDB and Table Storage) and more.

Hexa is driven by community contributions. Please send us your Pull Requests and feedback!

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Hexa is built on the shoulders of giants and takes full advantage of the Azure CLI.

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Focus on your application, Hexa takes care of the configuration.

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Hexa can be opinionated, yet very configurable.


$ hexa init --just=hosting,functions: Hexa will setup and configure just the requested services. Current supported services are hosting, functions and database. Please note that a Resource Group and a Storage Accout will automatically be setup as these are required by the other services.

$ hexa init --token: Hexa will also create a .env file which contains the Connection String token for your storage account. Hexa does not use this token! It is meant for you to use.

$ hexa init --token --sas: Hexa will generate a SAS token for your storage account (instead of a Connection String).

$ hexa init --manual: Hexa will enter Manual Mode and will ask you to make a choice for each step.

$ hexa init --manual --create: In manual mode, by default, Hexa would only let you choose a resource from your existing ones. The --create flag allows you to manually create a new resource/service at your convenience.

$ hexa init --yolo: Hexa will enter Auto Mode and will setup all supported services (except if you use the --just flag) without asking you any question.

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